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      DESC: Edited by Buddhism Study Group at Urbana-Champaign.
      DESC: Buddhadhamma is essentially about healing, bringing an end to suffering. Gautama Buddha was sometimes described as the Master Physician. The focus of the Body Dharma group is to examine and explore Buddhadhamma as a healing teaching and practice, and particularly how those of us in the healing professions (i.e., bodywork, medicine, counselling) can skillfully enrich our therapeutic work through Buddhadhamma.
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      NAME: BUDDHA-L (Buddhist Academic Discussion Forum)
      DESC: BUDDHA-L provides a means for those interested in Buddhist Studies to exchange information and views. It is hoped that the group will function as an open forum for scholarly discussion of topics relating to the history, literature and languages, fine arts, philosophy,and institutions of all forms of Buddhism. It may also serve as a forum for discussion of issues connnected to the teaching of Buddhist studies at the university level, and as a place for posting notices of employment opportunities. The primary purpose of this list is to provide a forum for serious academic discussion. BUDDHA-L is not to be used for proselytizing for or against Buddhism in general, any particular form of Buddhism, or any other religion or philosophy, nor is it to be used as a forum for making unsubstantiable confessions of personal conviction.
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      DESC: BUDDHISMO-L aims to be a forum for the discussion of ideas and information on Buddhism through the medium of Portuguese, and also Spanish, languages. As the first and only mailing list on the subject we hope it will be a meeting place that will support and strengthen the practice and knowledge of the Portuguese/Spanish- speaking Buddhist community regardless the particular affiliation of its members.
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      NAME: BUDDHIST (Forum on Indian and Buddhist Studies)
      DESC: Buddhism and practice.
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      NAME: Buddhist Peace Fellowship
      DESC: This group is set up for discussion, announcements, and matters of interest pertaining to Socially Engaged Buddhism in the U.S. and the world at large.
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      NAME: dhamma-list
      DESC: The dhamma-list is a mailing list on Theravada Buddhism. Its membership has an international flavour with people from Asia, Europe, America, Pacific, etc. Membership consists of monks as well as laities. Its emphasis is on the practical aspects of Theravada Buddhism, rather than scholarly discussions. It is highly suitable for people who wants to understand Theravada Buddhism or to further their knowledge of it.

      NAME: FPMT Mailing List
      DESC: is a mailing list for those interested in the Buddhist organization called Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), founded by Lama Yeshe and current spiritual director is Lama Zopa Rinpoche. For more information, see
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      NAME: Insight-L
      DESC: The INSIGHT list is a forum for open and supportive listening and discussion about Buddhist meditation practice, primarily from the Theravada Buddhist perspective. Discussion Discussion encompasses all aspects of the Noble Eightfold Path: Right Understanding, Right Aspiration, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration. This list is not merely a conduit for information transfer but it is a meeting place where each of us can really *practice* and refine our understanding of Dhammma. We come together here to listen closely and deeply to each other; to speak clearly and directly, using our immediate experience -- rather than our views and opinions -- as our guide; to offer clarity, kindness and patience to each other. In short, this list is meditation.
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      NAME: Lamrim Study Group
      DESC: Lamrim is a Buddhist instruction set of meditation and contemplation topics that each one builds upon each other to the state of full Buddhahood.
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      NAME: Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)
      DESC: The International Network of Engaged Buddhists began in February of 1989 in Siam (Thailand) at a conference of 36 concerned clergy and laypeople from 11 countries. The goals set by this group were to develop the perspective of engaged Buddhism, to promote inter-Buddhist and inter-religious understanding and cooperation, to provide information on Buddhist and other socially active groups, and to develop workshops and training in INEB's areas of concern. Since then, the network has expanded dramatically to include more than 400 members and local or regional working groups in 33 countries.
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      NAME: Shinshu Forum
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      NAME: TIBET-L (Tibet Interest List)
      DESC: TIBET-L is a mailing list for those who are interested in discussions on Tibet. Topics have included history, language, food, religion, numismatics, politics, and much more. WTN NEWS is not distributed to this list, so if you want it you must subscribe to both lists. TIBET-L members tend to be academics with a scholarly interest in Tibet and the discussions tend to reflect that, but anyone is invited to join.
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      NAME: Universal Zendo
      DESC: The Universal Zendo was founded by the legendary Mikael Cardell as a safe haven for the discussion of Zen (Ch'an, Soen) Buddhist practice rather than Buddhist history or philosophy.
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      NAME: Upasika E-Mail List (Theravadin lay practice community)
      DESC: This list was created by Upasika of the Theravadin Forest Sangha Tradition as a resource/tool to support our individual practice and our community of practitioners. The list's foremost purpose is to disseminate information about activities of the Forest Sangha Parisa (i.e. the "Fourfold Community" of bhikkhus, nuns, male lay practitioners, and female lay practitioners), and to support and deepen the understanding and practice of lay practitioners within this Tradition through discussion and sharing. Closely associated with Amaravati, Abhayagiri, Wat Pah Nanachat, and other monasteries affiliated with the teachings of Ajahn Chah.
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      NAME: Vipassana
      DESC: The Vipassana list is an online forum for the discussion of issues related to maintaining a daily practice of Buddhist Insight Meditation. Topics for this list concern practical issues and personal experiences, rather then philosophical discussions. A mature and calm atmosphere is emphasized. Right Speech is practiced here. Please read the entire FAQ before posting.
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      NAME: WTN-L (World Tibet Network News)
      DESC: WTN publishes a daily newsletter called WTN News which contains news reports from the major news gathering agencies, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Very often WTN News has news of major stories on Tibet before they appear in local newspapers or on electronic media. And there are many stories on Tibet that never make it to the major news media which WTN News covers.
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      NAME: ZenBuddhism-L (Zen studies, practice and inquiries)
      DESC: ZenBuddhism-L is a world-wide forum for exchange of scholarly and factual information dealing with Zen Buddhism, its history, lore, scholarship, writings, forms of meditation practice, as well as its organizational forms, concerns, involvements and activities. While the forum addresses itself to all periods of the 2500 years old Zen tradition in India, China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, North America and other countries, it is hoped that it will establish a strong focus on the modern developments (that is, events and transformations prompted by the times and lives of Shaku Soen Roshi, Senzaki Nyogen Sensei, Sawaki Kodo Roshi, Harada Daiun Sogaku Roshi, Dr. DT Suzuki Hyobong Sunim, and other esteemed teachers, gentlemen and scholars).
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    Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO)

    Nichiren Shoshu

    Nichiren Shu

    Soka Gakkai


    • Buddha Dendo [San Francisco CA] - Tendai Buddhist open teachings. Support for mountain practices, gongyo, shikan, mikkyo.

    • Mikkyo - Tendai and Shingon Paths [Japan]

    • Spirit Path - describes Tendai and Shingon lineages as practiced in Japan. Spirit Path is dedicated toward presenting Mikkyo in the English language directly from true, Japanese sources. Information includes rituals, mudras, mantras, mandalas, etc. The site is also officially linked with Mount Hie (Tendai HQ) to translate its monthly bulletin.

    • Tendai Lotus Teachings - in cooperation with Mount Hiei, Japan.

    Won Buddhism

    Other traditions

    • Advayavada Buddhism Information Center [Amsterdam HOLLAND] - Advayavada Buddhism, the brainchild of the Dutch lay Buddhist author and translator Advayavadananda (John Willemsens, b.1934), is a non-dual philosophy and way of life derived in turn from Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka.

    • Buddha's Light International Association (BLIA) [Hacienda Heights CA] - associated with Ven. Master Hsing Yun and the Hsi Lai Temple.

    • Buddha's Light International Association (BLIA) [Malaysia].

    • Buddhist Association of the Lehigh Valley (BALV) [Allentown PA].

    • Center for Timeless Wisdom - a synthesis of Madhyamika and Dzogchen/Mahamudra. Timeless Wisdom offers life-enhancing programs which combine the essence of traditions such as Zen and the Buddhist Middle Way with a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships.

    • Classical Khmer & Siamese Tantra Yoga [Banstead UK].

    • Dedicated Life Institute [Newton MA] - is dedicated to making the principles and practices of Buddhism and the essence teachings of many traditions accessible.

    • Empty Bell - a Christian-Buddhist Sanctuary [Watertown MA].

    • Fokuangshan Buddhist Order [Taiwan].

    • Heartland Sangha [Chicago IL] - American Buddhism as developed by the Ven. Rev. Gyomay Kubose. This Buddhism has its roots in Japanese Buddhism and culture, yet is uniquely American. Rev. Kubose's vision of American Buddhism combines important tenents of both Jodo Shin Shu and Zen schools.

    • Hetep Dhamma Society - An exposition of the Buddhadhamma commonly called "Buddhism" from an African historical, Black experiental perspective.

    • Hsi Fang Temple [San Diego CA] - Hsi Fang Temple is a Chinese Ch'an Buddhist temple. The temple was founded by the Venerable Master Hsing Yun in 1989. It is associated with the Fo Guang Shan order and temple in Taiwan as well as the Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, California.

    • Hsi-Lai Temple [Hacienda Heights CA] - Hsi Lai Temple was built to serve as a spiritual and cultural center for those interested in learning more about Buddhism and the Chinese culture. It is the idea of Ven. Master Hsing Yun, the founder of Hsi Lai Temple, to propagate "Humanistic Buddhism" and to create a pure land here on earth. Hsi Lai Temple is build to complement these goals in the United States.

    • Maitri Dorje Society of Gay and Lesbian Buddhists [New York NY] - a meditation and discussion group meeting monthly in NYC for Gay and Lesbian Buddhists from all traditions..

    • Purple Lotus Society.

    • Sinh Thuc - Vietnamese Buddhist organization offering Dharma books, tapes, CDROM, and retreats. In Vietnamese.

    • Southern Dharma Retreat Center [Hot Springs NC] - a nonprofit educational facility whose purpose is to offer meditation retreats. Retreats are led by qualified teachers from many paths, all of whom use silent sitting meditation as a central practice for looking within.

    • Tai Pei Buddhist Center - [Singapore].

    • True Buddha School Net. The True Buddha School is a school for spiritual cultivation, founded by Living Buddha Lian-shen. It is calls the True Buddha School because it offers a True Transmission and Practice of an authentic Tantric Dharma which can truly lead one to Buddhahood. All students who have taken refuge in the True Buddha School must practice the True Buddha Tantric Dharma. The True Buddha Tantric Dharma is a Mahayana practice which, by directly visualizing oneself and Buddha as "One" and, through the cultivation of the purification of body, mind, and speech, can enable an ordinary, worldly person to directly arrive at realm of Buddhahood.

    • True Buddha Web.

    • True Lotus Dharma Center [Mill Creek WA] - Support services for those abused by spiritual authorities.

    • Tung Lin Kok Yuen, Canada Society [Canada] - Tung Lin Kok Yuen temple and school were founded 60 years ago in Hong Kong promoting Buddhism and education. Now the ideas have been transplanted to North America.

    • The Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship - FAQ regarding the UUBF; selections from the UUBF Sangha newsletter; texts of Buddhism-related sermons by UU minsters.

    • Vichara Bodhiyana [Greeley Hill CA].

    • Vietnamese Youth Buddhist Association - GDPT Mien Quang Duc.

    • Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia.

    • Yun Lin Temple - first temple of the fourth stage of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism. Non-profit religious organization, promoting the modernization of Buddhism.