Reference Sources

Online reference

East Asian Buddhist Studies: A Reference Guide
Compiled by Robert Buswell; revised and expanded by William Bodiford

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Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Digital dictionary of Buddhism
Charles Muller

Buddhist Dictionary
Basic terms, conceptions, ideas, practices, and schools of Buddhist philosophy and religion. This virtual Encyclopedy of Buddhism contains Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean terms, all explained in English or Russian.

A Concise Encyclopedia of Buddhism
John Powers (Oneworld Publications - 2000)

A Dictionary of Buddhism
by Damien Keown (Oxford U. Press - 2004)

Encyclopedia of Buddhism
Robert E. Buswell Jr. (editor) (MacMillan - 2003)
Comprehensive, 2-volume illustrated reference.

The Encyclopedia of Buddhism
Peter Harvey (Routledge Curzon - 2004)

The Shambhala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen
(Shambhala - 1991)

Handbook of Chinese Buddhism Being a Sanskrit, Chinese Dictionary
Ernest J. Eitel (Kessinger - 2005)

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Zen Buddhism
Helen Josephine Baroni (Rosen Publishing - 2002)

Historical Dictionary of Buddhism
Charles S. Prebish (Scarecrow - 1993)


Language dictionaries

Buddhist Dictionary (English-Pali)
Manual of Buddhist Terms and Doctrines,
Nyanatiloka Mahathera

Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Online Tibetan-English dictionary
Diamond Way Buddhism

Tibetan-English Online Dictionary
Nitartha International