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    Online groups

    Buddha Chat
    A Buddhist learning community

      Buddha-L (Buddhist Academic Discussion Forum)
      Buddha-l functions as an open forum for informed discussion of topics relating to the history, literature and languages, fine arts, philosophy, practices and institutions of all forms of Buddhism.

      For Buddhists or people who are thinking about becoming Buddhist. Talk about Buddhism and Zen.

      Buddhism 101
      For those new to Tibetan Buddhism to discuss basic concepts, problems and to share experiences

      A forum for the discussion of ideas and information on Buddhism through the medium of Portuguese, and also Spanish, languages

      Buddhist Wellness Group
      Buddhism and mental (mind) wellness

      Dhamma Study Group
      Theravada Discussion Group

      For all who're interested in Buddhism (particularly Theravada Buddhism)

      Buddhist discussion forum

      Sangha Online
      For the members of the Order of Sangha of Theravada Tradition with Myanmar (Burmese) connection.

      Buddhist Forum

      A forum for open and supportive listening and discussion about Buddhist meditation practice, primarily from the Theravada Buddhist perspective.

      Insight Practice
      The practice of insight (vipassana) meditation and its application to everyday life

      Lamrim is a Buddhist instruction set of meditation and contemplation topics that each one builds upon each other to the state of full Buddhahood .

      Meditating Buddhists
      Buddhism Depot's Buddhism Discussion Forum

      Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)

      General discussion of Shin, or "Jodo Shinshu" (Pureland True-School), Buddhism, and its relevance to everyday life.

      Theravada Buddhist Forum
      Theravada Buddhism and Vipassana Meditation

      Tibetan Buddhism

      Tibetan Buddhist Group

      Theravada Buddhism Correspondence/discussion group

      Information about activities of Abhayagiri Monastery. Secondly, it is forum to facilitate lay support for the monastery and affiliated groups

    There are a growing number of groups at Yahoo and Google. Go to Yahoo Groups and Google Groups to search for groups of interest to you.