Awareness/Mindfulness II

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Why do you think we choose the breath as an object of attention?

The breath is an ideal focus of attention because it's so very personal. It’s the functioning of our body and joining our body functioning with our mind by paying attention to it.

The word spiritual comes from the latin spirare — to breathe

As someone said: “The secret of life is breath.” It’s not such a secret if you pay attention to it.

The breath is also a good focus of awareness because of its transience.  Each moment of each breath is different from the one before and the one after. And when we’re learning to pay attention in a mindful and sustained way, following the breath is an excellent opportunity to lose track of what we’re doing and to catch ourselves and to return to the process of body and mind working in harmony as one.

Simply paying close attention is the key to this practice. Carefully. Meticulously. Mindfully.