From an awareness of death and impermanence we go on to investigate the interconnectedness of all beings and things and the nature of actions and their consequences.

Appreciating the significance of our actions and their results can transform our life and our priorities.

We have been propelled into this cycle of suffering by our delusions and the actions they provoke, which
are known as karma.  Because of the cause-and-effect relation between our actions and our experience,
we spend our lives enduring all sortsof ups and downs, in trouble and confusion.
H.H. Dalai Lama

If you act in ways that are helpful to others, you will experience happiness.

If you act in ways that are harmful to yourself and others, you suffer.

If you have a selfish mind or a malicious mind with a harmful attitude towards others, whatever you do with that mind-set is a negative action and leads to suffering.

If your mind is full of loving-kindness and compassion, whatever you do will be a positive and virtuous action.