Enter Zen From There

Gerry Shishin Wick

Once a young monk called Kyosho came to Zen Master Gensha to study under him. Kyosho said, "I have come over here seeking the truth, where can I start to get into Zen?" At this Gensha the Master said, "Kyosho, can you hear the murmuring of the mountain stream?" "Yes, Master. I can hear it." "Enter Zen from there," was the Master's answer. Sometime later a lay Zen student Kyo told the story to Master Ayn of Singon and asked, "Because Kyosho answered he could hear the murmuring of the mountain stream when Gensha asked him if he could hear it, Gensha could instruct him to 'Enter Zen from there'. If however Kyosho had said he could not hear it, how would Master Gensha have instructed him?" Ayn suddenly called out, "Mister Kyo!" Kyo answered, "Yes, Master." At this the Master said, "Enter Zen from there!"

That's the secret of our Zen practice, wherever you are enter Zen from there. Doesn't matter whether you are encouraged or discouraged or feel as though your meditation is excellent or whether you feel it is horrible. Whether you are happy or you are sad or you are angry or you are blissful it doesn't matter. Just enter Zen from there, that's the reality. That's what's so. That's how to be satisfied.

If you are tired, enter Zen from there. If you are confused, enter Zen from there. If your mind is wandering, enter Zen from there. What remains to be sought? Nirvana is clear before you. This very place is the Lotus Paradise. This very body, the Buddha. If you really believe that, there is no problem.

So, wherever you are, enter Zen from there. Are you confused? Enter Zen from there. Are you angry? Enter Zen from there. Are you smug, you think you are a wonderful Zen student, enter Zen from there. Wherever you are this very place is nirvana. Enter it from there.

Source: BIONA